Insurance Time is the ONLY company I would ever use or recommend to ANYONE! I have worked with several other companies over the years, through my career and nobody has service levels like this company. Unparalleled customer service, rates that are amazing, and agents that take the time to explain everything to you, until you understand. I recommend them to anyone who mentions insurance to me! Companies like insurance time are ONE-OF-A-KIND!"

Natalie Toledo Rupert

They not only helped my husband and I with several insurance needs, but upon the refinancing of our home, the mortgage company was over the moon as well. The mortgage company actually took the time to express their delight with Insurance Time of Bradenton, as they stated they had NEVER worked with such competent people, who supplied the information requested in lightening speed time. They were truly impressed, AND, more importantly, this took weeks off of our closing date. It's so great to know that GOOD customer service is still alive!!

Author Julie Woik

Excellent customer service. They are always prompt with their quotes, they remind you of your renewals when they come up and they even remind you if you forgot to pay a premium. My days get so busy, it sure is nice to have them looking out for me.

Mary Rupp


Insurance Time of Bradenton is the absolute best! Plus, they have the friendliest and most professional staff around! Trust them for all of your insurance needs!"

Charla Hawthorne

The best insurance.. love you all."

Carla Popp



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